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Worldwide, majestic rhinos are ruthlessly slaughtered for their precious ivory, while unsuspecting cheetahs fall prey to ruthless poaching, simply because farmers want to protect their livestock. The habitats of the rare orangutans are shrinking at a frightening pace. Wild animals all over the world are in danger of being crushed under the indifferent foot of humanity.

This tragic story is unfolding not only far away in a distant country, but also in our own backyard, perhaps on a scale that seems smaller, but where innocent beings are still victims.

Every year, thousands of animals end up in an Animal Shelter. They are the orphaned souls, victims of traffic accidents, winged friends entangled in barbed wire...

These voiceless beings beg for recognition. It is our moral duty to hear their cry and take strong action. Together we can make a difference for the animals who need our compassion, protection and care. Let us strive together for a world where wilderness, both far and near, flourishes and where every life has the opportunity to thrive in harmony.

Prints with a Heart: buy Art, Save Wildlife!

Thanks to loving care of these institutions, many animals are given a second chance and can be released back into the wild. These 'rescues' have been photographed in a unique way and can now be acquired as prints. A memento of the love for nature and animals, where each photo tells a story of hope, recovery and the priceless bond between people and nature.

Every year thousands of animals are taken to a VOC, a Wild Animal Shelter. Animals hit by cars, birds entangled in barbed wire, abandoned pets, cat victims... and much more. This is our wild nature close to home!

The voiceless must be heard.
The photo project is still ongoing, and the promise of a beautiful photo book is on the horizon. This book will contain not only stories, but also emotional images, artistic photos of rescued animals and more. Your generous sponsorship can make the realization of this book possible, with the proceeds being distributed fairly among various shelters.

Please feel free to contact us; Together we can ensure that wild animals get a new chance.
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