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A lot of the educational content on this website is unfortunately in Dutch,

I do, however, organise private Tours & Workshops on demand

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Jeffrey Van Daele started teaching in 1999, sharing his passion for photography with countless students. Since 2014, he has also taken on the role of photo tour guide, combining his expertise and love for the profession with the opportunity to guide photographers around the world. During this time he has impressively shared more than 50 photo tours with enthusiastic participants, building up a wealth of experience in supporting and inspiring photographers in various locations.


In addition to his teaching career, Jeffrey has also shared his knowledge through more than 300 workshops and courses. His didactic approach and enthusiasm have helped many to develop and refine their photographic skills. This can also be found in his photo & educational books.

What further sets him apart is his strong commitment to animal welfare. He is actively committed to protecting animals and nature, where his photography is not only an artistic expression, but also a means of raising awareness about the beauty and fragility of the natural world. His commitment to the conservation of animals and their habitat reflects his deep-rooted connection with nature and his pursuit of a sustainable relationship between people and the environment.

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