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What you need to understand.

This photo tour uniquely distinguishes itself from a regular safari. Unlike traditional safaris, where the emphasis is on spotting animals, we take a special approach. Our supervisors areauthentic Masai, who not only grew up in the park, but actually live there. Moreover, they maintain close contact with other local guides. Thanks to these connections, we don't have to waste valuable time looking for animals; we drive directly to the location if there is something interesting to see.

This approach allows us to do it several times a daygoal oriented to drive to, for example, a pride of lions or other felines. In addition, we have detailed knowledge of the animals' eating behavior – whether they have recently eaten, are eating, or are hungry. These in-depth insights enable us toanticipate possible hunting moments and strategically take the optimal positions. This way we can offer unparalleled photo opportunities, making every moment of this photo tour an unforgettable experience.


For me, photography is a combination of artistic vision and technical mastery. This individual work is not only a reflection of the photographed subject, but also of my view of the world. The images are often emotionally charged and tell a story. I hope they invite you to look beyond the surface and discover the layered meanings that are embedded in every carefully captured moment.


Unique vehicles

Unlike a standard Jeep, where you often shoot from door height and are confronted with a less compelling perspective and possible horizon problems that could sever the animal's head or neck, our specially adapted vehicle offers a unique solution. Thanks to the possibility of positioning low to the ground, we can portray the animals in an imposing and impressive manner. This unusual perspective not only enhances the visual impact of the photos, but also avoids common pitfalls in composition, making each shot a masterpiece in itself.


Striking images

Thanks to our working method, in which we get extremely close to the majestic animals, we unlock an exclusive dimension in nature photography. Using a wide-angle lens (24-70 mm) we create images that are downright unique within the field of wildlife photography. These rare shots are usually only captured by a select group of photographers, which gives them an extraordinary character. It is almost surreal to stand just a meter away from a proud lion and portray it in all its glory. 


Only felines?

While our focus is undeniably on felines, this by no means means we ignore the other beautiful creatures of the savannah.Each animal receives the attention it deserves, making this photo tour an unparalleled experience, not just limited to felines, but enriched with the beauty of diverse wild life forms.

Photography guide with 20+ years of experience

The choice of photo guide determines the journey, who blends his vision into the images. He sees the light, determines in many thingsfall the position and the correct angle. With a proud history dating back to the year 2000, and with more than 50 guided trips in the last 10 years, I am privileged to share this expertise.

Your image, your experience, are central to me.This not only applies during the safari, but extends beyond. My dedication goes beyond capturing impressive moments; it also includes caring for your memories and cherishing the unique experience we create together. 


Creative input

As your photography coach, I have navigated many photographic adventures, with a wealth of experience under my belt. As a result, I am not only aware of all kinds of (creative) photography techniques, but I am also well able to point out moments when we can go a little out-of-the-box. From  minimalism, high and low key, to panning and playful shutter speeds, I have my bag of tricks full of ideas.

Now, I understand that this approach isn't for everyone, but if it's something you're open to, I'm happy to share my insights.

The goal is not only to capture beautiful images, but also to stimulate and inspire you as a photographer.

Would you like to enjoy it together?

We offer an exclusive experience with amaximum occupancy of 3 people per jeep, so that everyone has enough space to move freely and fully enjoy photographing.

Since we recommend using 2 cameras - one with a telephoto lens and one with a landscape lens - you'll have more than enough space to keep them safely next to you in your bag.


All our organized trips are fully booked until 2025, but we still offer the option of private trips. If you are interested in being immersed in the world of cat photography with your partner for a week in the best location in the world, please contact us. This exclusive trip is available for 2 people and from 8,500 euros per person.



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