Project Wounded

Rhino’s are being massively slaughtered for their ivory, cheetah’s are being killed because farmers fear their livestock, Urang Utangs habitat is in decline…all over the world wildlife is being threatened by humanity. And this is also happening closer to the comfort of our homes. It may be on a smaller scale but still innocent animals are suffering!

Every year thousands of animals are being brought to an Animal Rescue Center; animals that are getting hit by cars, birds that get tangled up in barb wire, pets that are found abandoned, victims of cats…and many more. This is our next door wildlife!

The voiceless need to be heared.

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his project is made possible in collaboration with:

  • Opvangcentrum voor Vogels en Wilde dieren Merelbeke [ website ]

  • SOS Wilde Dieren Geraardsbergen [ website ]

  • Natuurhulpcentrum Opglabbeek [ website ]

  • VOC Beernem [ website ]

  • Opvangcentrum voor Vogels en Wilde dieren Oostende  [ website ]

  • Zeehondenopvangcentrum Blankenberge  [ website ]