Jeffrey his two passions are photography and teaching. He just loves to inspire people and teach them how to make the most of a situation in the field. Seeing that smile appear on their faces, is his biggest reward!

He tend to do this, not only through books, workshops, online courses and photography tours, but also by giving lectures on national and international events. From "the best of..." to educational talks and talks on conservation.


The lectures on this page are specific for camera clubs, but everything can be customized to match your needs. 

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On behalf of the camera club, I would like to thank you again for a solid presentation. You were not the first speaker at the club, but you were someone who received everybody's attention and everyone, in my opinion, has learned a lot!


Eye on the Image

Duration: 1,5 hour

250 euro

Based on his first book, this is a presentation full of tips and tricks.  You'll go home with loads of inspiration and motivation. Unique composition rules, color combinations, breaking rules, and so much more...we have it all covered!


my Nature Photography

Duration: 1,5 hour

250 euro

In this presentation we walk you through the various disciplines of nature Photography; macro, landscape, abstract, wildlife, etc.

You don't only get to see splendid images, we'll also share some secrets and the gear that has been used to get the shots.


Driven by Passion

Duration: 1,5 hour

250 euro

Although he is still young, this presentation is a photographic biography. Jeffrey didn't always shoot nature images. From product shots, to portrait photography and covering events...he tells you about his ups and downs, the financial side and much more. How a hobby made him into a Photo Tour Leader. This is a presentation that definitely will convince you to take that big step!

A beautiful photo presentation and presented with a great enthusiasm and perfectly timed humor. Top lecture, Jeffrey!


Photo Review

Duration: 2 hours

300 euro

Sometimes you just need an extra opinion on your images. The many years in education have taught me to look critically at images and to guide individual styles. This makes me a good partner to provide your image with constructive criticism, to give you fresh ideas and new perspectives.


Lightroom demo

Duration: 2 hours

325 euro

A walkthrough for an optimal workflow; covering the Library Module and Develop Module. What is the best way to import your images, how to add keywords with ease, what about presets, creative ways to develop your images, ...and so much more.


Your image Processed

Duration: 2 hours

300 euro

During this session we'll give you a Lightroom demo and edit YOUR images! Curious to see what you can get out of your photos? Which different processing techniques are possible? How you offer solutions to problems such as; blur, over-exposure, chromatic aberration, etc?This practical presentation will open your eyes and inspire you to try new techniques in Lightroom AND in the field. At the end of the session, everybody gets a DNG-version of their RAW image with all processing changes included.

Today, I've enjoyed a TOP seminar with Jeffrey Van Daele! We can again raise the bar and continue to strive for perfection.Thank you Jeffrey for an interesting and fascinating afternoon!"

Female blue eye

Learn to See

Duration: 1,5 - 2  hours

400 euro

You learn to look critically with an eye on imaging. You learn to estimate light situations, how to use composition, how to add atmosphere etc. It is not so much the intention to take pictures, the most important thing is that we learn to see and analyze the scene and get to know what the best composition, lighting and technique is to visualize that scene as good as possible. 

Street Protest

Photo Walk

Duration: 3,5 hours

500 euro

Together, we go out for a walk for half a day and photograph what we encounter. If you are curious how I assess a (light) situation or compose my image, this is the ideal formula to get into my head. 

Woman Typing

Learn to see & walks

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There is no maximum on the number of people who can participate on the walk, but I do recommend a maximum of 12. This way everyone can follow the tips in a pleasant way.


You can request more information through the form below. We then agree on a location and date, based on the wishes of your group.


Travel to Japan

Duration: 1 hour 

250 euro

A report of the winter trip to Japan, where we not only photographed the well-known snow monkeys in the hot-water baths, but also paid a lot of attention to the Japanese Cranes, the Whooper Swans, Sea eagles and searched for foxes and Sika deer on the island of Hokkaido.


Travel to Namibia

Duration: 1 hour

250 euro

After 5 trips to that astonishing, there's a lot to tell about the how, what and why. Be amazed by beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife from, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful countries in the world based on the diversity it has to offer, especially to photographers!


Wildlife In Europa

Durationur: 1 uur

250 euro

During this presentation we'll show you some of the top spots in Europe to photograph wild animals. Wild animals that are easy to approach, allowing you loads of time to compose your image.

What others thought of it

  • "Fascinating, interesting and the occasional joke! I understand that you have been able to make this your profession!" ~ about Driven by Passion

  • "Thank you for your very captivating presentation and fascinating explanation behind each photo. It certainly inspired me!" ~about Eye on the Image

  • "Most amazing lecture EVER!" ~ about Driven by Passion

  • "Yesterday I attended a very pleasant Lightroom seminar. Keywords: Relaxed, Practical, Useful, Inspiring, Professional" ~about Lightroom Seminar

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  • The price stated above is without travelling cost, accommodation and food

  • After a session there is sufficient time for questions

  • In case you allow paying third parties, an extra of €125 is added to the total cost

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