Our globe is home to a lot of wonderful animals. Though, of some species, only a shadow remains...
If we are not careful, a lot of them might become extinct in the next decade. We then will be the last generation that was able to witness these magnificent creatures in the wild.

Every year thousands of animals are being brought to an Animal Rescue Center; animals that are getting hit by cars, birds that get tangled up in barb wire, pets that are found abandoned, victims of cats…and many more. This is our next door wildlife!
The voiceless need to be heared.

In Autumn, trees show their true colours. As days get shorter, trees start by blocking the flow of chlorophyll to the leafs and this causes the green colour to fade. This allows the leaf’s true colors to emerge and shows the tree in its true glory.

From the dusty deserts in Namibia to the frozen lakes of Japan. This collection of photographs represents a selection of my favorite work I've shot on my travels.

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