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los archivos de la expedición

A portable camera did not exist when Charles Darwin first set foot on land in 1831. That would take another 50 years, but what if there was a photographer on the H.M.S. Beagle. We would have had some historical images of these remote islands. Impressed by the awe-inspiring landscapes and unique species, registration would take precedence over all. No special techniques, no creative compositions. Getting the evidence back to civilization, despite the erratic weather conditions the sailing ship would have to endure, would be a number one priority.


Our globe is home to a lot of wonderful animals. Though, of some species, only a shadow remains...


If we are not careful, a lot of them might become extinct in the next decade. We then will be the last generation that was able to witness these magnificent creatures in the wild.


The flow of sand, creating fluid forms and liquidity in a desolate landscape. Lets your mind wander and empties all negative thaughts. Freedom in the mind, tanquility in the soul and the nothingness of the open. This is Flow.

True Colours

In Autumn, trees show their true colours. As days get shorter, the cholorphyll stream to the leafs is blocked and this causes the green colour to fade. 

This allows the leaf’s true colours to emerge and shows the tree in its true glory.

Project Wounded

Every year thousands of animals are being brought to an Animal Rescue Center; animals that are getting hit by cars, birds that get tangled up in barb wire, pets that are found abandoned, victims of cats…and many more. This is our next door wildlife!

The voiceless need to be heared.