We offer two tours, that can be combined to one. I'm only guiding the first tour.


  • Tour 01 / FERNANDINA & ISABELA / 07 nov - 17 nov 2022
  • Tour 02 / SAN CRISTOBAL & ESPAÑOLA / 30 oct - 09 nov 2022


The Galápagos Islands are on everyone's bucket list, the remote islands with endemic species, an unique destination! Today, the islands are protected to such an extent that only a maximum number of tourists are allowed and you only get to stay on the islands for a limited time.


Starling wouldn't be Starling if we couldn't have arranged a special formula! As one of the few, we are allowed to be on the islands as early as sunrise on land and stay, in the afternoon, until sunset. We also choose how long we stay on land and unlike the other tourists, we don't have to stay in a group. Of course we do not stray from the paths provided for this, but we can give you the freedom you need to make the best images.

We also use a smaller vessel so that we can reach islands and places where the bigger tourist boats cannot come.

The Galápagos Islands are an once in a lifetime destination, so it must be a once in a lifetime experience!"


"The 2 guides complemented each other photographically very well. There was certainly enough attention to problems if and when they occurred. All questions were answered. There were plenty of suggestions for taking better pictures. On the final night, they even slept together, so two guests could have a single room." ~ Paul G.



  • Reis 01 : FERNANDINA & ISABELA  [nog 6 plaatsen]

    Reis 02 : SAN CRISTOBAL & ESPAÑOLA [nog 6 plaatsen]

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