Exclusive Limited Print From the Series "Animaux du Monde" - Printed on Hähnemulle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper.

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The Grévy's Zebra is the largest living wild equid and also the most threatened of the three species of Zebra. It does have great survival skills as it can survive up to five days without water but still its population has declined from 15.000 to 2.200 since the 1970's with an extra of 600 living in captivity. In the wild the Grévy's zebra are losing out to humans because they are being pushed out of their habitat by livestock. Also lots of water is being drained from their land by irrigation for farming, leaving them with little for survival.


10% of all sales will be donated to Charity


  • This is a Limited Print

    • 15.7 inch (40cm) only 10 copies available

    the dimension mentioned is the longest side


    Limited Edition prints means that the photo in question is only available in a limited amount. Once the maximum number of prints has been reached, that photo will never be printed again.

  • We provide each print with a white border of at least 3 cm, giving the photo that classic look. Moreover, thanks to this white border, they can easily be placed in a passe-partout.


    Each print is manually inspected by myself and signed, dated and numbered on the back. 

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