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5 things to do during a sunny Corona Crisis

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

While nurses, doctors and many others give their best to safely guide our family and friends through this corona crisis, many others stay at home to avoid further infections. What should be a simple task is for many hard labor. I think that all tips to keep ourselves entertained are welcome. Here are some tips to keep you busy during the following sunny days. It may not be all about photography, but it certainly will get you grab your camera now or in a few weeks! 1. Create a bug hotel, a hedgehog home and / or bird house.

2. Create a vegetable garden. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still grow vegetables. If this means that you have to stand in line at the supermarket one time less, it can diminish your chance of contamination.

Did you know by growing Fennel, you can lure the Old World Swallowtail to your garden?

3. Create a free account on Observation.org and pass on what you spot in your garden or through your window. Determine those birds, butterflies and insects. Not only do you get to know what lives and breeds in your garden, but you'll also learn a lot about the different species! If you do not have the right nature guides in house, you can always order them online. 4. By spotting all those species, you now know what lives in your garden. Perfect to bring out the camera and take it on a garden safari! Grab your long lens and photograph birds or capture those wonderful insects with your macro. If you already have an insect hotel, you will have noticed that the mason bees are already very busy.

If you don't like bugs, you can always take a closer look at the flora in your garden! While everyone is photographing anemones, bluebells and other spring flowers, it's your turn to be unique and frame daisies or those oh-so-useful dandelions!

5. Change your viewfinder, if you work with a mirrorless camera, or your LCD, if you work with DSLR, to black and white and learn to look differently. Don't forget to bring your polarizing filter! It aids to darken the skies. Something I like to call the "Ansel Adams" effect.

Have fun and I wish you good health!

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