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5 things to do during a rainy Corona Crisis

Last week I gave you some tips on what you can do in sunny weather during Lockdown, but the weather doesn't always permit this. That is why I also would like to give you some tips on what to do indoors. 1. Organize your picture archive. Make your selections, process the images that have been lying there for months and ensure that your Lightroom is fully up to date.

2. Now that your Lightroom archive is on point, it is finally time for your own website. There are numerous companies out there which will make it easy for you to configure your place on the internet. Have a look at Wix, Squarespace, Jimdo and Wordpress. 3. Why not make a photo book or slideshow of one of your trips or family gatherings? In Lightroom, you can export the latter as a video, upload it to Youtube / Vimeo and suprise your your family / friends. You don't even have to make it public accessible, private links work on both platforms.

4. View talks from other photographers. I've made a playlist available with a lot of interesting videos. You can watch them here >> 5. Take an online course and learn new skills. After the lockdown you immediately know what to do !

There is so much more you can do during this quarantine. All those things that you said earlier on; if I ever have the time ... Well now is that moment!

If you still can't think of anything, I will give you some extra inspiration; give your gear a thorough cleaning, see if you don't have any gear that you no longer use and that you can put up for sale, maybe you should finally take on your social media presence, read some books or read that manual finally and get to know your camera. You notice, there is no excuse to get bored and this is the perfect time to check all those boxes. Once we are given back our freedom, you no longer have to say: I should...

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