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Fine Art Prints

10% of every print sold

goes to charity!

All photo prints are treated with the greatest care and printed on Hähnemulle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper.


Limited Edition prints means that the photo in question is only available in a limited amount. Once the maximum number of prints has been reached, that photo will never be printed again.


The following series are available in a Limited Edition

Available dimensions, copies and prices:
the dimension mentioned is the longest side


15.7 inch (40cm) : € 950     |  only 10 copies available

27.5 inch (70cm) : € 1,850  |  only 7 copies available

35.4 inch (90cm) : € 2,750  |  only 3 copies available

The price includes VAT, but does not include shipping.


We provide each print with a white border of at least 3 cm, giving the photo that classic look. Moreover, thanks to this white border, they can easily be placed in a passe-partout.


Each print is manually inspected by myself and signed, dated and numbered on the back. 

Choose your size

Interested in purchasing a genuine Van Daele?


Call us on +32 496 810 851 or fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Of each photo, 2 APs (Artist Proofs) and 2 SPs (Size Prints) are retained.

Artist Proof: these formats remain available to us. These can also be sold in the long term.

Size Proof: sometimes you want a larger size than those available and our Size Proofs serve that purpose. Only two are available per photo and these allow you to order a size larger than the largest format available.