Jeffrey Van Daele Photography | FINE ART


It describes those images that are valuable to me and only this selection will become available as a limited edition print. Which means that prints will come in few numbers. Once the max amount of printed images has been reached, it will never be available as print again. 

Each print is signed, dated and numbered.  Prices are available on request and start at €1.200


12 prints will become availableThe WalkCheetah, Namibia    Under Siege [1/12]White Rhinoceros [Parque Cabarceno, Spain]    Tiger (Panthera tigris)Tiger (Panthera tigris)Parque Cabarceno, Spain
Namibian DesertMartian FlowNamibian Desert   DeadvleiDeadvleiNamib-Naukluft Park, Namibia   Vermillion LakesTwin PeaksVermillion Lakes - Banff, Canada



Highkey of Dalmatian pelicans jumping (Pelecanus crispus)UpLake Kerkini, Greece    Cape Fur SealTwinsCape Cross Seal Reserve, Namibia    Red-Crowned Crane birds (Grus japonensis) flyingFly the linetsurui, Hokkaido Japan


For more information on sizes, editions and prices will become available in 2019. If you don't want to miss out on a print. Send me a message or call +32 (0) 496 810 851.