Jeffrey Van Daele Photography | education

Next to nature photography, teaching remains one of his greatest passions and for years he has been inspiring and motivating fellow nature photographers through workshops, e-books and printed books, seminars, presentations and guiding Photo Tours for STARLING TOURS.  And just recently he launched a dutch EDUCATION & TRAINING platform with many online courses. 
You’ll also find him speaking on  Vision & Inspiration in nature photography on the bigger international photography events.  He is also the first to do a LIGHTROOM SEMINAR TOUR within the Benelux and launch an unique photography show – STOKVIS – with his colleague BART HEIRWEG. In 2018 he starts his Photography School,  in two major cities in Belgium, and more will follow in the near future.


Several times a year I give lectures to small audiences When the sun sets we'll stop and get out of the vehicle for a 'sundowner' which is perfect to practise our landscape photography and learn to use Grad Filters etc.

The hours in between the safaris we can use to enjoy this 5-star accommodation, linger in the pool or get a massage. Some days I'll also be giving some lessons so we can use our time in the field to take pictures.