Jeffrey has always supported Nature and Wildlife Charities in Belgium and foreign countries. For years he made his image database available to the various organizations, free of charge. In 2018, he started a long-term project called "Project Wounded", which is a project that shows the vulnerability of today's wildlife in our society. In doing so, he's putting a spotlight on the various wildlife shelters in Belgium and the many volunteers who are saving our wildlife on a daily basis. In the context of the latter, he regularly presents workshops and lectures and donates 100% of the income. A percentage of the purchase price of his highly sought-after prints, with a limited circulation, is also donated to the conservation and rescue of wild animals in the Benelux and beyond.

Organizations we support:

  • Opvangcentrum voor vogels en wilde dieren Merelbeke

  • SOS Wilde Dieren Geraardsbergen

  • Natuurhulpcentrum Opglabbeek

  • Vogelopvangcentrum Beernem

  • Opvangcentrum voor vogels en wilde dieren Oostende

  • Zeehondenopvangcentrum Blankenberge

Total amount raised:  € 8.488,23


Photography Courses for Charity

Together with Pixfactory Natuurfotografie.NL and some Dutch colleagues we organised a daily photography course during the Christmas holidays and raised over €5.500 for charity!


Auction for the animals of Naankuse

During these times of Corona, everyone is struggling to make ends meet. This is also the case for the Naankuse foundation, a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, which mainly depends on tourism to care for the animals.

To give them a financial boost, the image of this Cheetah was auctioned and sold for a whopping $1.500 US Dollar . The full amount was donated tot the shelter!

Print: Photo Rag Paper

Size:  19.68 inches x 29.53 inches

Again I would like to thank Fujifilm for taking care of the high quality print and postage! It feels good to work with a company who has the heart at the right place!


Our actions in 2019 raised a total of € 1,613.23 and with that money we can save a lot of animals! I am extremely grateful to everyone who has helped to realize this amount!


I would also like to thank the organizations that have helped me in achieving this goal: