e-book : eye on the image

The english version of my best-selling book "Oog voor Beeld" is now available on Amazon (Kindle)!

About this book 

Someone gave me a nice compliment: "It is as if I have over thirty private workshops in my pocket ...". I think this is a good way to view and approach this e-book.

This book gives you 50 tips on how to improve your photography. In contrast to many other photography related books and courses, this e-book won’t waste your time with pages filled with text. The idea is to go out and take pictures. So we kept our tips short and to the point, with a few example images. Leaving you plenty of time to try everything out and learn some new techniques. 

With tips like:

- The Circle of Succes
- Break with classics
- How to isolate on black
- Use blurs to create atmosphere
- The wrong lens
- The Focusing Ring method
- ...


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