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LIGHTROOM :: How to use the Dehaze Filter in a Creative Way

February 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

So, you'll mainly use the dehaze filter to eliminate haze from your images. Well, this video shows you how to do just the opposite. 

How did I come up with this? During one of my tours in Japan we always go to the Tsurui Feeding station to take pictures of the crane birds. It was a sunny day and it hadn't snowed for a couple of days. That means that all the fluffy snow had been trampled by the birds and we got a lot of ugly shadows and structures on the ground. Not your ideal situation to create a simple and soft image. 

With some snow in front of the lens, you'll be able to create a haze and hide the ugly foreground. I've been testing what angle was the best and once I've found it, I called the clients and showed them how and where they could do the same. Problem was that I didn't take the image because I wanted to show the clients as fast as possible before the birds would leave. And to be honest, when I guide a tour I'm there for the customers and not for my own portfolio.

And so I came home with an image of the cranes with an ugly foreground...


Of course I'd rather shoot the image directly in the field, but sometimes it's just not possible. 


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